Our Story

In March 2015, a prayer started for a school in Madian, Haiti to answer the need of educating missionary children, as well as local Haitian children. Over the next year this mustard seed grew into The Reveye Initiative- an educational ministry committed to fostering a love of learning. Our new school is dedicated to the development of the whole child and desires to awaken their curiosity and wonder.

The word Reveye (Rev-ee-ay) is the Haitian Creole word for AWAKEN. 

The School

We were blessed to open a new Catholic school in rural Madian, Haiti, named Académie Notre Dame à Madian, in October of 2016.

The school is located at the John Paul II Center for New Evangelization in the Nippes department of Haiti, about 100 miles west of Port Au Prince. 

In collaboration with this special community, we provide accessible education to both missionary and local children. 

Current Needs

We need continual support to operate our school and to cover various capital improvement projects and ongoing operating expenses including:

  • We provide the students with 2 meals a day.  Many of the students are malnourished and feeding their bodies is essential to feeding their minds.  This meal program also provides important jobs and incomes to women in the community.
  • Minimal living expenses for the missionary teacher(s)
  • Teaching supplies and the transportation of donated goods
  • The launching of additional programs including after school Catechesis and Literacy programs for young adults.

We have renovated an old existing building, which we continue to improve as funds are available.  A list of completed and desired projects include:

  • New roof
  • Paint
  • Additions of bathrooms
  • Installation of water tank
  • Ceiling fans
  • Heavy storm proof shutters
  • A playground
  • A covered patio for shade
  • A garden
  • A small kitchen area


Mesi Anpil- Thank you very much!