Meet the team.

"Now the body is not a single part, but many." // 1 Corinthians 12:14


Our Staff

We have an incredible team of Haitian staff who work wholeheartedly for our mission. Our hope was always for the school to be Haitian run and it is our great joy and pride to provide jobs to such hard working women in our town.



Mitsy Gaëlle Mesidor  initially joined our staff as a Catechesis teacher, and has evolved into the role of Directress of Administration. She is visionary, professional, and is constantly looking for ways to improve our school. Her life is guided by her desire to glorify God.

When she isn’t working for our school, Mitsy is busy continuing her education by studying management at a local university, raising her two sons, and leading worship music. She is a member of a team called the Mission City Jerusalem of Haiti since 2011.

We are so blessed by Mitsy’s leadership and are excited to see our school evolve and grow under her direction.

Marc Talie


Marc-talie Charles is the Directress of Academics. She moved to our town in Fall 2017 from Port Au Prince to serve as the head teacher, after becoming certified as a Montessori teacher.

Marc-talie is kind hearted and loves children. She has two brothers and one sister. 

Her dream is to help form all children to become good Haitian citizens, thereby improving the Haiti of tomorrow.




Rana, who is full of passion and joy,  has been with us from our very start! She loves children, and they love her as well. She served as a Classroom Assistant in our founding year and spent last year studying to be a trained Montessori teacher on a Reveye scholarship. Rana graduates in July and will be returning to our school as a full time Teacher. She is a life long learner, teaching herself both English and Italian.  Rana has two daughters. 

ti malen

ti malen

Ti Malen is a hard worker, creative, and a natural caretaker. After graduating from high school her family did not have the money to send her to a university. She began with us as a Teacher’s Assistant and then joined Rana in a full year of Montessori training, also on a Reveye scholarship. She returns to us next year as a full time Teacher. Ti Malen has a gifted singing voice and is very involved in the choir. She also loves her Catholic faith and her love for the children is without limits. Last year she spent two months caring for one of our students in the hospital, and then offered to raise the child in her home.



Mariani is the Head of our Kitchen. She is the first to arrive every day and the last to leave, working to make sure our meals are timely and delicious! She doesn’t disappoint. She wakes up early on Saturdays to spend hours at the market purchasing food for the coming week. She is affectionately known as the school disciplinarian and lovingly cares for each of our students. She is always delighted when one of them wanders into the kitchen to say hello, ask to borrow something for a lesson, or to sneak a bite of food before lunch is served. 

Mariani has six children and one grandchild. 



Islan is our Kitchen Assistant, always helping to prepare our meals, wash our school laundry, and work to keep our school environment clean and beautiful (no small task!).  Islan has eight children! Her youngest, Saradia, is a student in our school and her other children visit us frequently to help her cook, clean and weed our school yard. Islan has a dream of building a home one day and saves a portion of her monthly salary for this goal. 



Stephane Dazilas, known as Fafane, is 22 years old. She makes an incredible Teaching Assistant because she truly has a servants heart. Fafane loves to laugh and constantly exhibits patience and love to the children. Her hope is to educate children to become good citizens. 

Gran Ser

gran ser

Francia, known as Gran Ser, joined our school family in the fall of 2017 to serve as a Teaching Assistant. Gran Ser has three brothers and 2 sisters. She was married in April of 2018 and is soon expecting a baby boy! She also raises Cha Cha, one of our students. 

Our Board and Advisors

Our supportive and spirit-led board and helpful advisors seek to prayerfully serve The Reveye Initiative as it continues to grow. We are thankful for the diverse and talented team committed to our mission. 


Meagan Bradford

Meagan Bradford is born servant leader and the founder of The Reveye Initiative, and the Academie Notre Dame a Madian.  Meagan graduated from the University of San Diego in May 2014 and then served as a summer missionary in Haiti. She then returned to Atlanta to teach for 2 years at a Catholic school.   It was during this time that the prayer for The Reveye Initiative began and over the next year grew to fruition! After the Lord opened many doors, Meagan moved to Haiti in 2016 to found the school and serve as Teacher & Administrator for 2 years. 

Meagan now serves as President of The Reveye Initiative, and lives in the United States, where she manages and supports  the Haitian staff and continues fundraising efforts. She is passionate about Catholic education in Haiti and loves to witness the way God’s plans for the school are unfolding. 

Fr Louis.jpg

Father Louis Merosne

Fr. Louis Merosne is the director of both the St. Pope John Paul II Center for the New Evangelization and Academie Notre Dame a Madian.  He ministers in a missionary community comprised of  families, lay adults, priests, and a religious sister. He says preaching  the Good News of Jesus Christ is both a duty and passion for him. His perpetual prayer intention is to be a saintly priest.  Fr. Louis was born in Haiti, moved to Boston when he was young and studied French, philosophy, and theology at Franciscan University from 2002 to 2007. He was ordained in 2011, and serves in Haiti in the Diocese of Anse-à-Veau and Miragoâne under Bishop Pierre-André Dumas.


bobby hofman

Bobby joined the Reveye Team in 2019 as Chief Financial Officer. Bobby met Reveye in January 2017 and has been a supporter of the mission ever since. He is passionate about awakening education in Haiti, and especially admires how AMDM draws in the family and celebrates achievement and education. Bobby will have the joy of marrying Reveye’s director and founder, Meagan, in January 2020. 


kylie popa

Kylie is a teacher at Our Lady Perpetual Help Catholic School in Arizona. Kylie and Meagan have been dear friends for almost a decade. She has been living vicariously through Meagan's dream to awaken education in Haiti, helping stateside with fundraising, donor correspondence and other creative projects. Kylie loves using art and creativity to bring light, joy and beauty to the world. She is honored and excited to be helping with the creative side of The Reveye Intiative.


The Albert Family

Paul and Anna Albert have been Life Teen missionaries since 2011. They are currently serving as base leaders at the John Paul II Center for the New Evangelization in Haiti. They have four beautiful children: Nathaniel Joseph, Thérèse Marie, Michael Maximilian, and John Vianney. Paul and Anna are in Love with Jesus Christ and His Church and have a desire for all, especially young people, to know the love that Christ has for them. 

kerri mecke lozano

Kerri is a daughter of the King, wife, mother, catechesis of the Good Shepherd enthusiast, and an avid book worm. She lived in Haiti with Meagan at the John Paul 2 center and helped her open the Good Shepherd atrium at the school. She has four beautiful active children and an amazing supportive husband. She currently lives at Covecrest in Tiger, GA and looks forward to helping with formation in Haiti for Catechesis of the Good Shepherd.

Rhonda Lucadamo

Rhonda attended Miami University in Oxford, Ohio. After a successful career in marketing, Rhonda spent the last 15 years as a Montessori teacher. She lives with her husband in Atlanta, Georgia where they have successfully raised two “readers,” sending them to college and beyond. Rhonda is an author of children's books and serves as our chief director of classroom materials and supplies!