Reveye: An Answer To Our Prayers

Being a missionary in Haiti requires many sacrifices, big and small. It also requires great trust that the Lord will take care of you and your family and somehow make up for the basic things that were available to us in the states, such as quality health care, a well-balanced diet, and good education, to name a few. You can find these things in Haiti but not necessarily in our area.

My wife and I have been talking and praying about what we will do about our children's education. The only option we were comfortable with was 45 minutes away. However, we couldn't guarantee that our community vehicle would be available, as well as several other issues.

So, we prayed and begged the Lord to help us come up with a solution. Several ideas came up: 1. leave Haiti when it's time for the kids to go to school, 2. homeschool, or 3. buy a personal car in order to send them to the school 45 minutes away. All of those ideas either weren't possible or weren't what we felt the Lord was calling us to. Our life in Haiti is extremely busy and demanding. Basically, we wouldn't have time to homeschool nor do we feel that the Lord is asking us to do so. We would not be able to afford a new car to drive the kids to school. And we are confident that God is not asking us to leave Haiti yet. 

Another option was to start our own school but we didn't have time nor the resources to do that. So we prayed that the Lord would send someone passionate about Haiti and education our way, and long story short, He did. God sent us Meagan Bradford, who didn't even know we were praying about this when she brought it up to us.  So we prayed and talked some more. God began to open all the right doors that brought us to where we are today: "The Reveye Initiative". 

Our school will not only serve our missionary families and their children but it will serve other kids in our neighborhood. We hope to awaken hope, joy, and curiosity in education in Haiti. This is an answered prayer for my family and we want to invite you to help make it an answered prayer for the Haitian families that my wife and I have been blessed to serve and minister to the past four years. 

I have witnessed the misery and suffering that poor education or lack of education have brought in our small town in Haiti. I have seen young people sell their own dignity, turn to a life of crime, starve, and so much more due to a lack of education. Join us in this mission and help us awaken education in the small town of Madian, Haiti. Haiti's youngest students and "The Reveye -Haiti" team await your yes to providing a brighter future to one or many. Donate today and change education in Haiti forever. 

Paul Albert
Life Teen missionary in Haiti
The Reveye -Haiti team member