Summer 2016 Newsletter

Reveye Updates

This summer has been jam-packed with beautiful progress for The Reveye Initiative. Here are some of the incredible ways that the Lord has been providing for this mission!

  • The classroom construction is almost complete! Walls have been removed to create a bigger classroom, roof repair is done, a bathroom has been added, new secure exterior doors are in place, the floor has new beautiful concrete and fresh paint adorns all walls!!
  • Our lunch program is ready for funding! Madian village Haitians are prepared to cook daily lunches for our students, thereby earning money to feed their own families. Many people in Haiti do not eat 3 full meals a day and we are very excited about the ability to provide a healthy and full lunch each day. We need to fundraise $6000 for the lunch program, including initial set up costs and meals for a year.
  • The first mission trip to work in our school was successfully completed! Five teachers from Georgia spent a week in Haiti setting up the classroom and preparing for the start of the school year. We brought 10 boxes of school supplies and materials with us! Most of our teaching material needs have been met through donations and many of the Haitians enjoyed watching us unpack our learning material for the new school.
  • The next step is preparing an environment within our classroom in which to provide Catechesis of the Good Shepherd for our students. If you are interested in helping us obtain the needed materials, please email
  • Next month, we will complete classroom set up in preparation for our first day of school on October 3rd!
  • We have reached nearly 60% of our fundraising goal! What a gift! Thank you to all of those who have prayerfully and generously donated to support what God is doing with our school in Haiti. 

Consider joining us as a sustainable monthly mission partner. Signing up to give monthly whether it is $100, $20, or even $5, allows us to continue our mission throughout the year and is a huge blessing for the children of Madian, Haiti!